Hello and welcome to portfolio of original art and prints for your home. I love painting colourful pieces of work that captures landscapes and nature that has inspired me. I have always loved the outdoors since a young girl and have walked many mountains and scenic routes.

As a child I spent my time sketching and painting, so art was one of my favourite past times. My first piece of work exhibited was at school for the childrens cadbury world of art competition. It was a proud moment to visit Bristol gallery to see my original painting framed and exhibited for the nation; as it travelled around the UK for exhibition.

As well as studying art at school, I also studied and worked as a florist , which helped with the colour theory concept within designs, before heading to the University of Portsmouth to obtain a BA Honours in Art, Design and Media. Upon graduating I worked as a graphic designer for over ten years.

I took a career break to immerse myself in motherhood and focus on my own Art. I have two daughters who have given me the determination to pick up my art brushes once more to paint. This has always been a passion for me. In 2015, I made the scary decision to start my own business. I enjoy every moment creating work and feel fulfilled and happy each time I create a new piece of work. I love working in oil and acrylic paint as it gives me so much vibrancy in colour and fluidity. My style is impressionist. I am always on the look out for new landscape and flowers to paint as they provide me with so much inspiration. I have exhibited at art galleries as well as selling in local stores. I accept commission work and sell my work in the UK and internationally.

Due to personal circumstances I am not as active in the art scene anymore, though still love to create whenever I can. I work in education utilising my skills the best way I can.