This big beauty was created before all things went a bit quiet so never really got launched as well as it should. Now I am pleased to say The Dragons Bed is now available to find a new home.

The dragons bed – oil on canvas by Catherine Cox Bhogal

Inspired to captures the sky and water which overlooks Cardiff Bay. The floral bed; which I have named instinctly the bed of the dragon can be found in the bay if you look carefully when you are out and about.

This painting came to life naturally as the colours and natural feel of the placement of flowers flowed, as I listened to music in the studio.

I used Michael Harding oil paint of blues, white, red and green. I used a palette knife to cover the canvas, dividing the sections into three. One for the sky, water and floral bed. I used, layering for each colour and texture.

This canvas took me a while to paint as each layer requires drying so that the colour does not mix. The flowers I loved creating with texture to create movement using brushes and palette knife for the grass.

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