The gardens are waking up and the colours are exploding with vibrance and life. So much so, that the paint and brushes are crying out to create something floral. In the garden colour and texture is everywhere.

The flowers in of peonies, clematis, honeysuckle etc, in garden has triggered a desire to add colour to canvas. The first of a collection of floral art this summer I am exploring an aesthetically appealing layout using colours, textures and mark making in the work.

Progress painting of anemones, rad

The layout of flowers and vase is painted on to a flat canvas. Have I said I love colour. For this arrangement I added an anemone, which blazes in the middle of the design amongst calming yellow roses, ranunculus, lupins and many more. The aim is to achieve a modern niave art.

I have left the oil behind for this occasion as I am creating collection of work using acrylic. A flat brush, with a mixture of crimson red, rose red, yellow, ultimarine blue and more on the palette.

A bouquet of Sunshine Acrylic 16″ x 16″ by Catherine Cox-Bhogal

This has been a joy to create as it reminds me so much of summer. If you are interested purching a print or the orginal please click on the links.

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