This April is so surreal, who would have thought we would have so much time on our hands. For me, it has been a bonus as I have take the opportunity to put my ideas on to canvas, in between home schooling.

I am fortunate to live in a leafy area on a mountain-side in the Welsh Ebbw valley. There is inspiration all around. As some of you may know I am often inspired by my local community to create the naïve art. See if you can recognise some of the local backdrops?

This new piece of artwork is found in the local village that I grew up, in Cwmcarn. It is known as the daisy park.

For this painting I decided to paint with acrylic using a mix of ultramarine, blue, white and yellow (plus a couple of others) to create this scene. At first I started with the rolling hills, blue sky and then placed the houses accordingly. I ended it with my statement floral bed, this time cosmos flowers to adorn the grassland.

This painting will be one of a series. The canvas is 16” x 16” and prints will be available very soon. This is a perfect companion for a gift or to brighten up any room.

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