It doesn’t feel like Spring

Hello, and welcome to Spring. We have had the first flurry of snow, hail and now thunder is echoing through the valley. It does not feel like summer is on it’s way. Never less as I am attracted to the light and colour there has been many days that I have held my breath in wonder of nature. I have spent many hours outside reflecting, and feeling the sun on my face which has made me eager to wait for summer. I am itching to pick up a paint brush again, but each time, even though I have had lots of inspirational thoughts; I have been unable to express my ideas further on paper.

The past few years I have been taken away from my passion of art, due to personal circumstances. I am feeling that I am no ready and hoping to create once more. After all a talented and lovely friend of mine has told me that when in pain and struggle Art is in deed a therapy that we all need to use. Unfortunately for me I feel that I am not finding the need. However, I haven’t left it directly; I have been creating in my own way as I have been building my graphic portfolio and skills once more. That is art in its self.

So bare with me whilst I find my tread once again. I am eager to paint and capture the nature and environment of my home surroundings. I am desperate to add colour once more to my life, to communicate with you once more. So I have been seaerching to find out why, considering all my life I have been connected with creativity that all of a sudden the passion has died when I needed it the most.

Now with the essence of summer not far away, I hope that I can become motivated once again. I am aiming to pick up a pencil to start and enter the first exhibition of the year.. fingers crossed my motivation insists and my creativity calls this space as I hope to keep up with my blogging also.


 “There is never a lack of subject matter; just absence of creativity.”  Lee Hammond.

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