My Art Journey ….

A belated ‘Happy Saint Davids Day‘ to you all.

Can you believe it is March already..again!!

Its been a while since I have had time to write.  The end of the year had been so chaotic with orders which followed into the New Year; that it is only now I am able to catch up on my admin duties.  Now that it is a snow day (or days), I have time to contemplate my next journey.

I am so overwhelmed that majority of my originals have found new homes and so many of you have requested commission work.  I am eager to produce more work for you insired by the land that I love.   My landscapes have outshone and I am so pleased as I have for many years produced landscapes, so it is definitely something that I am passionate about.  The smell, colour and light of nature and countryside appeals to me very much and what better to capture in paint the love of the land.

My head is buzzing with new ideas of valleys, flowers and the sea that I am eager to set paint to canvas soon.  Please keep an eye out for a new range of porfolio to this site and my etsy store throughout the year.  I love colour so this will be carried through into my creations.

There are only a few original paintings available, so be quick 🙂

I have decided to take a back seat attending Craft Fayres this year as 2018 I am concentrating creating new work and skills.   I also aim for this to be my art journal so you are able to find out more about my thoughts and progress as the year goes bye ..

Well last year designers introduced a world of natural colours as the green palette and bright pink became one of our favourite colour schemes as nature played a huge part of the design scene whether for the home, work, typography and fashion …   I loved the explosion of flamingos and crazy animals that splashed onto our materials.  I wished I had thought of that.  What I did design and became very popular was the outcry of poppies and the floral.

My most popular prints included the meadow scenes.  The prints flew out especially when they were adorn with popular landscapes to tie along with them. Will I be doing anymore?  You bet!  I am eager to capture local areas this year into my portfolio as well as the welsh coastline.

Lets see what 2018 holds to brighten up our world.

Thank you so much for your follows they mean so much and I strive to be back in the community in the future soon.  Keep safe and warm

BW Catherine

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