Hello and Welcome to my new website!

My First Blog ….

Phew! This year has been hectic and the Summer is nearly over!

I have had to abandon my paintbrushes (for a short while anyway), and exchange them once again to the computer mouse, as I spend days and hours working on my new website. Stressing about the design of it and adding all my lovely products.

It hasn’t all been web, web, web though … thank goodness! I spent a weekend moving out from my old home studio, as my girls wanted/needed a larger playroom, to fulfil their imaginations. So, I had to move into the room next door. This gave me chance to declutter and rearrange. Where my studio was only seen as a painting room, I turned it in to a practical, useable, studio/gallery. My pictures were hung back on the wall, instead of hiding away, and all my products have been displayed around me as I paint. I know this sounds like a recipe for disaster, mixing oils with quality products, but I am clean and only paint the canvas I am working on …. honest. :p

The paintings around me inspire me to paint, and constantly seeing them daily, even though I created them, I always spot something new. A textured leaf there, a gloomy sky mixed with the promise of sunshine, it’s exhilarating and I never tire of the view. Witnessing my artwork on so many products, reminds me of how far my journey has travelled from the early concept and first painting I created and how much I have grown and developed with confidence.

I was convinced from the start that portraits were my forte, as this was my genre since a young child. I would sit in my room drawing my favourite pop stars, Madonna, Michael Jackson, U2 and more. I even entered a Young Children’s Art Competition as a teenager, which was an unfinished oil painting of my younger sister, and I had it accepted to be exhibited at Birmingham Museum and had an award.

My fondness of the Welsh and UK landscapes, through the seasons have given me more inspiration and have now become my main influence. I do not paint realistically though, I consider myself an Impressionist painter. I interpret what I see and think and outlay it onto canvas. Palette knife and paintbrushes are my tools and the oils link the richness of the landscape to the canvas.

I am proud of my roots and enjoy promoting Welshness and Wenglish through my art. My Cwtch series, although quirky and illustrative in style, relate to my humble belongings in Wales. We love holding onto our heritage and culture and I enjoy portraying our green and pleasant land for others to behold. We are often seen as the ‘Village Idiots’ but I  consider that Wales is a showground for natural beauty and enchantment both through its nature and its people that shares its richness.

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